Monthly Archives: September 2012

Author of the week: David Almond

David Almond writes, clear as rain, not a wasted word, about things that can barely be put into words – and the results are some of the most powerful children’s books of the last twenty years. Skellig appeared in 1999, as if out of nowhere, and almost immediately won two of the biggest UK children’s book prizes. (Which […]

Author of the week: Joan Aiken

Joan Aiken is one of those authors who just seems to have had stories coming out of her ears (see also Diana Wynne Jones or Marcus Sedgwick) – stories that can speak to all ages from 5 to 105.       Imagine having a pet raven. A talking raven, indeed, even if the only word […]

West six libraries (and beyond): make the most of them

Welcome new readers and thank you for visiting. I’m starting this blog mainly with my children’s friends in KS2 in mind, although I’d be happy to hear from anyone else interested in the discussion. Those children are at time of writing aged 9 and 7, and their preferred reading involves any or all of: dragons, […]