Monthly Archives: November 2012

Author of the week: Paul Dowswell

Full disclosure, as they say: Paul Dowswell is an admired ex-colleague and all-round good man, approachable and thoughtful and entirely without affectation, so this post may not be entirely objective. (Then again, I can’t think of many ex-colleagues I would recommend quite so highly.) Many of the below, and especially Ausländer, The Cabinet of Curiosities, […]

Author of the week: Terry Deary (mostly)

Alphabetically speaking, this week’s author should be Roald Dahl; but I guessed that the most famous twentieth-century children’s writer in the world probably doesn’t need the extra exposure. I might just draw your attention to the well-managed Official Roald Dahl website, (with fun activities as well as guides to the books), and the much-loved […]

Author of the week: Kevin Crossley-Holland

Kevin Crossley-Holland is a sure-footed time traveller and pitch-perfect reporter, steeped in stories – Norse myth, English legend and folktale – but never weighed down by detail. Instead, he can build whole worlds with the simplest sentences and the lightest observations, whether fifty years ago or a thousand, in England, Venice, Constantinople or Jerusalem. Storm […]

Author of the week: Cressida Cowell

How can you not warm to a book which begins..? “Any relationship to any historical fact WHATSOEVER is entirely coincidental. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.” For those who have seen the 2010 film, any relationship to the far richer, more imaginative, more thoughtful and less predictable plots of the books on which it was based is also […]