Monthly Archives: December 2012

Author of the week: Anne Fine

I thought I knew Anne Fine. Actually, I really did know Anne Fine, half a lifetime ago when I was miserable at school in Edinburgh (it’s a funny thing, but anyone who has ever known Edinburgh can tell with 100% accuracy just which school I mean). Lots of well-meaning grown-ups said they were sure it […]

The D word: dyslexia

I never planned to write a post about dyslexia: I’ve no very direct experience or personal knowledge, and there seemed to be so many better-qualified organisations and people in the world. Then I met the inspiring Sally Gardner, severely dyslexic and acclaimed author, who fully deserves and will get a post of her own in […]

Here be dragons

Of all the mythical creatures we humans have ever chosen to distract, divert and unnerve ourselves with, around the campfire, after lights out, through the long winter nights – the basilisk, chimaera, phoenix, unicorn and their like – it seems none has made such an impression on us as dragons. From Greek myth through Chinese legend, […]