Monthly Archives: January 2013

Author of the week: Sally Gardner

Sally Gardner at her brilliant best is a this-is-how author: this is how to write books of real quality and heart for near-beginner readers; this is how to write a gem of a historical fantasy; this is how to write a truly gripping and heartbreaking dystopia, the ugliness of the imagined world offset by a […]

Author of the week; Neil Gaiman

To readers who aren’t that keen on dark fantasy: please come back next week to Sally Gardner – who isn’t entirely without shadows, but is perhaps more sun-dappled especially in her books for younger readers than the prolific, voraciously well-read and boundlessly imaginative Neil Gaiman. To readers who enjoy being spellbound, spooked and periodically somewhat scared: trust […]

Author of the week: Cornelia Funke

Cornelia Funke is sometimes called “Germany’s answer to J K Rowling,” which is more telling than helpful (doesn’t every country want to have an answer to J K Rowling?). You’ll find plenty of magic in her books, as well as at least one boarding school, many loyal friends, loathsome bullies, mythical creatures both traditional and […]