Monthly Archives: March 2013

Author of the week: Ursula Le Guin

A short week this week and a short post; not because Ursula Le Guin has written much less than Diana Wynne Jones – near contemporaries, they each have at least forty books, essays and story collections to their name – but because most of Le Guin’s books are not by nature children’s books. Thoughtful, serious, […]

Author of the week: Diana Wynne Jones

“aaAAaaHH!!” That’s the contented sigh of someone who has spent a week closeted with every kind of human trauma and misery (see last week’s post), and is now settling into the familiar magic of a Diana Wynne Jones book – usually to be found under J in the bookshop or library, but it’s worth checking […]

Issues in children’s books: is there such a thing as “sick lit”?

I have to apologise for giving this week’s post the sort of evasive, euphemistic, mealy-mouthed title I normally despise; but I wanted to write about the sort of books that are very often one-off, defiantly difficult and – when they succeed – unmatchably moving. Then it turned out that, for once, I’d tapped into a […]