Monthly Archives: May 2013

Author of the week: Philip Reeve

I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Okay, I’m only quite sorry… most of Philip Reeve’s books are at or above the top end of the 7-11 age range I set myself, but they are just too good not to write about. What a rare treat to find an author who combines such fabulously inventive, close-knit plots with […]

Life after Rainbow Magic Fairies

Taylor the Talent Show Fairy. Demi the Dressing-Up Fairy. Kate the Royal Wedding Fairy. Olympia the Games Fairy. Georgia the Austerity Fairy… guess which one doesn’t exist? (I know, I know, fairies don’t really… but don’t spoil it for the readers, will you?) The multimillion-copy-selling Rainbow Magic Fairies series is, to my mind, a compelling […]

Author of the week: Philip Pullman

Sometime between the end of the last Ice Age and the invention of Facebook, I remember sitting in an Oxford garden with a knot of friends – round about this time of year, it would have been. We had all graduated, none had yet married, none had children; but as it so often did, the […]

After Harry Potter: what to read next?

So this is how it goes: some little while after Beast Quest or Rainbow Magic Fairies, but before The Hunger Games and Twilight, your beloved child discovers Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, and life is very peaceful and uncomplicated for maybe months on end. Seven volumes and three- and-a-half thousand pages later, said child […]