Monthly Archives: June 2013

Author of the week: Kate Thompson

Looking over the last few posts, it strikes to me that the blog has taken rather a turn for the masculine: Philip Pullman, Philip Reeve, Chris Riddell, Marcus Sedgwick, Paul Stewart, Jonathan Stroud (oh, and a brief flurry of fairies, mermaids and things generally fluffy and sparkly around R for Rainbow Magic). As my son […]

Author of the week: Jonathan Stroud

This week I have been reading and re-reading – with great pleasure – Jonathan Stroud. This week, too, Usborne Publishing has been celebrating its fortieth birthday in some style. Now, some people might notice that this week’s post is a little shorter than usual, and some people might think that these two facts were somehow […]

Authors of the week: Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell

It’s been one of those weeks. Rescued from a dubious school-ship by a mechanical flying horse; covering up for the three clumsy aliens that arrived through a wormhole in the toilet; leaping from rooftop to rooftop, pursued by the slavering Night Wolf; defeating the hideous hover worm and escaping the voracious bloodoak, not to mention a […]

Author of the week: Marcus Sedgwick

It feels all wrong to be reading Marcus Sedgwick in the sun, like drinking mulled wine in August or eating Eton Mess in November. Serves me right, I suppose, for structuring this blog along lazy alphabetical lines; but I find I am also being timely and topical (ha!) as Segdwick’s Midwinterblood is shortlisted for this […]