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Never too old for a fairytale ending (2)

A few years back, I happened upon an intriguing-looking graphic novel in the excellent Kensington library: borrowed it, read it, loved it, had it abstracted from my book pile on several occasions and read avidly by the in-house team – including the twelve-year-old son, who would normally not be seen dead near anything with Rapunzel […]

Never too old for a fairytale ending

Once upon a time, there was a French minister of state (retired), there were two German librarians and philologists, and there was a Danish country boy who’d hoped to make his name as an actor. Before them and since them and because of them was a growing collection of stories, sometimes loosely moral, sometimes mildly […]

The life and afterlife of books

It’s a painful thing for a publishing person to admit, but books aren’t forever. Sometimes they aren’t even for life, and hardly even for Christmas either. Plenty of book trade people still think of themselves as unworldly carriers of the intellectual flame, and custodians of the world’s great spiritual treasure house; but the more successful […]

Bookish breaks from the winter blues

Well now, Christmas has been and gone, and the thank-you letters are long since written, and we’re all long since back to school and to work, and the nights are drawing out again, which should cheer us – but somehow doesn’t, because we have that long pull through the dank days of January and February, […]

Book power of Scotland

Don’t tell me, don’t tell me you’re over Scotland. Six weeks back, it was all rather exciting and briefly scary (I couldn’t vote, but you can doubtless imagine how I would’ve); and then the collective sigh of relief and brief wonderment that, actually, you can have massive political engagement and nearly 90% poll turnout if […]

Summer reading lists, and why we need them

So my two resident Y6s are all set to move on, and this will be the last regular post on the blog for a while now. Their thoughts may turn to the approaching weeks of freedom; mine turn more prosaically to the heaps of new uniform awaiting nametapes. Amongst the many documents sent out with […]

What is this thing called Young Adult?

In publishing terms today, one global success is a blessing, two signal a trend and three count as a phenomenon if not a whole new genre. With the inexorable rise of Young Adult publishing in the nine years since the dawn of Twilight (so to speak), and the ever-growing range of one-word titles and bleached-palette […]